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Money in Ukraine

Official state currency since 1996 is Hrivna (Pronounced Grivna and also spelled Hryvna).

We have money bills by nominal values 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 hryvnas and small change coins by nominal values 1, 2, 5,10, 25, 50 kopecks.

You can pay with Hrivna in all restaurants, disco, etc. All other  purchases are conducted in Hrivnas. If you are paying for something privately you can pay also with U.S. dollars and Euro.

You may change hard currency for hryvnas at exchange posts offices all over the city and at banks. You can get cash for your travelers checks in  some banks. Credit cards are taken for payment only in large hotels, restaurants and shops.

ATM cards are widely used and you can find bank machines every 100 meters. ATM machines dispense the Hrivna and some even dispense dollars for an additional 3%. Instructions are in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Some machines have German and French also.

See more information about Hryvna at The National Bank of Ukraine site . Also pay attention to the description of protection techniques implemented in Hryvna as counterfeit currency is not so rare.

Travelers checks, American Express and Barclays can be cashed in local banks into dollars for 3%.

American Express does not have an office in the Ukraine to replace lost checks.

Please make sure that all of your banknotes our new in crisp. Worn bills or bills that are torn or have writing on them will not be excepted for exchange in the Ukraine.

Cash is king in the Ukraine. Charge cards are not widely accepted and are best to not be used. The Ukraine is famous for credit card fraud and often, some estimates as high as 30%, your credit information is stolen and used before you can report it. I highly suggest NOT using a credit card in Ukraine.

Currency exchange October 12nd 2010
USD – 7.91 hrn.
Euro – 11.06 hrn.
GBR – 12.7 hrn.


My name is Victoriya. I have started my search on the Internet from December 2007.I was registered in few agencies,including EM, city of brides. I already didn't believe that I choose good way for my search and that all agencies only try to earn money. After some time I have found in Internet Kharkov marriage agency "Ma-Dame"........

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After discovering this website I started correspondance with some women by email. This site does not present thousands of ladies, but they present serious and high quality ladies, I understood it after.Now they have this new site Ma-Dame.net which is more easy to use. My trip to kharkov with orgaisation of meetings was then organised.......

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